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How to decide on Research Methodology in research on Indigenous Tribes?

Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in Indigeneous Research, Research ethics, Research Methodology | 2 comments

Hello! I am a PhD student of Sociology, my research investigates the Penan people, a nomadic indigenous community that remains to be hunters and gatherers. My research, studies the impact that widespread deforestation has left on dozens of Penan families, with no other choice but to flee their ancestral homes. Once displaced, these hunter-gatherer tribes, who had lived in harmony with the rainforest of Malaysia for thousands of years, found themselves without a livelihood. My research also studies the effects of having to adopt new means of livelihood, within the community. In order to study this phenomenon, my research guide has been insisting on conducting interviews of the Penan people. Even though I have read sufficiently about the ethical responsibilities that needs to be considered while conducting interviews with indigenous communities. However I am still perplexed in using interviews as the mode of communication (since it would require help of a translator). I would appreciate if someone could suggest any other appropriate ways to approach such a closely knit community that is far from the modernized idea of sociology and anthropology. So that this exercise would not just be a version of elitist journalism but would allow me a good glimpse in the lives of the...

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Fundamentals of Research Paper Writing

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in Editing | 1 comment

Writing a research paper is probably one of the most intricate and daunting task that most of the MBA and research scholars have to face. And to complete their research or MBA degree program, it is important for them to submit their research thesis at the college. There are some basics or fundamentals of research paper writing; if they are followed, research writing becomes less complicated and less perplexing. Following are the fundamentals of research and thesis writing – Work On A Schedule – When working on a research topic, it is important to work in a calculated manner. You need to plan and organize your day with the help of a diary, planner, scheduler or timetable. You should set your priorities and work on your research according to it. You can also use your mobile phone’s scheduler and alarm system; it will be quite easy for you. Take Notes Of Your Visits And Important Data – Penning down things will make things and your approach clearer. It will also help you write your statement and research report more fluently. You can take notes of your findings and the statements of the people to mention in your research report. For more convenience, you can use a voice/video recorder to recall things while writing. Outlining – Outlining your research report is clearly one of the fundamentals of thesis writing. It will make your goals and writing more clear and easy. With outlining your project report, you wouldn’t be able to present it in a well-composed manner. Following Methodology – Different researches are based on different methodologies. You, as a research scholar, should follow a research methodology while preparing your research report. Proofreading – Proofreading and editing your work is last and the most crucial step. You must cross check your work twice or maybe thrice before finally submitting...

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The Educational Importance of

Posted by on May 22, 2014 in Other | 1 comment

The website, was started by Anne Mckenzie. It is an assistance platform on the web and helps master’s and doctoral students in dissertation writing. The portal helps them beat dissertation writing difficulties and offers free services. Choosing topics and proofreading are areas the website focuses on. Its few other focus areas are assessing literature and writing thesis reports. The academicians update latest data here with respect to the mentioned areas. The data is available to United Kingdom students doing various courses. These students even use this platform to discuss their issues related to dissertation writing. They get to chat with other fellow students and writing specialists and are able to clarify their doubts online. The portal helps them achieve good grades....

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Designing Research Question

Posted by on Apr 23, 2014 in Research Methodology | 1 comment

Selection of a research topic may seem to be tough, but boiling down that research topic into specific research questions calls for expertise in that field. Many researchers fail to pinpoint their specific research questions out of their broad research agenda. Expert assistance in this case is required, especially to find out the proper literature on that topic, so that the research gap can be significant enough, so as the probable research contribution. If you are facing any problem regarding finalizing your research questions and you need some expert assistance regarding literature, you can browse through the pages of and meet the domain...

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The Value of Subject Matter Experts

Posted by on Feb 15, 2014 in Editing | 8 comments

Academic companies have specific criteria when they are looking to hire editors for their support teams. One of the things they try to ensure is that they hire scholars from various disciplines. This is so that they can have historians edit history papers and scientists edit science projects. Subject matter expertise is essential for ensuring the accuracy of an academic work. Each discipline has its own requirements for the way scholarly works are to be published. Only someone who has studied and worked in that discipline can know the nuances of how a project report needs to be written in that...

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