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The Value of Subject Matter Experts

Posted by on Feb 15, 2014 in Editing | 8 comments

Academic companies have specific criteria when they are looking to hire editors for their support teams. One of the things they try to ensure is that they hire scholars from various disciplines. This is so that they can have historians edit history papers and scientists edit science projects. Subject matter expertise is essential for ensuring the accuracy of an academic work. Each discipline has its own requirements for the way scholarly works are to be published. Only someone who has studied and worked in that discipline can know the nuances of how a project report needs to be written in that...

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Selecting the Right Topic for Dissertation

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Dissertation Proposal | 3 comments

The first and most important mistakes students commit while preparing for dissertation writing is selecting irrelevant or difficult topic. It is often said that students must choose a topic which they are more passionate about. Although it is the right way to choose the topic, sometimes students might not be capable enough to work on the topic, or they might not have enough knowledge on the topic. So choose an area where there is a significant need for study to solve a problem and also you have enough subject knowledge. Also choose a topic which has rich content, and enough information is available to establish a theoretical framework for the study. Choose the topic which was studied previously, but which needs further study. This will help to finish the dissertation easily. The topic chosen must have a good amount of information so that we can finish the task before the deadline. Apart from all these, the most important step is choosing the topic early. If the students delays in selecting the right topic, he/she must finally limit their choice of topic. It is also advised to choose a topic which both the student and the advisor are interested in so that their synergies can help in fetching good grades. Take active advice from the guide or mentor throughout the process to be in a better...

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Utilizing Online Discussion Forums for Dissertation Reviews

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Dissertation | 1 comment

It is never thought about or never considered. But now, online discussion forums and discussion boards have become a hot place to get the dissertation reviewed by peers and get their input, suggestion or feedback. By doing so students are saving lot of time and considerable amount of money also. By sharing the dissertation on these online forums, the report can be reviewed by more than one person at a time thereby providing right inputs from these reviewers at the right time. Also by getting it reviewed here there is no need for the student to search for a professional reviewer and pay him/her some bucks. Apart from reviewing, students can also get inputs on editing, formatting and proof reading from their peers on the forum and discussion boards. These discussion forums will not just have students but also professors, lecturers and subject matter experts also. By interacting with these people who are good at subject will help in adding more meaningful information to the dissertation and also get their feedback and suggestions. By adding more tools and separate sections in these discussion forums, they can be more helpful to students. Online discussions have now become prominent and some of the universities started online dissertation submissions through web conferencing. So technology will surely play a key role in dissertation preparation and...

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